Service and Repair

Arwin = Savings

Often times as buildings age, it isn’t necessary to fully replace the windows. Budget-saving repair services can help you minimize ongoing trouble and maintenance with the operation and appearance of your windows. Building managers, facilities maintenance staff and owners look to Arwin to provide a single source for timely, quality repair.

Our repair department specializes in the repair and replacement of:
  • Glass - Thermopanes, insulated glass, patio door glass, tempered glass, low E-glass, mirrors, storefront glass
  • Balances - Springs, balancers, counter balances, shoes
  • Tilt Function - Tilt latches, tilt locks
  • Rollers/Wheels - Patio door rollers, patio door wheels
  • Locks/Latches - Sash locks, latches, keepers, lock handles, patio door handles
  • Open/Close Function - Closers, pivots, sweeps
  • And more

We Specialize in the Hard to Find

Most people can’t tell the manufacturer just by looking at the window or door. And, even if you can identify them, identifying the needed repair parts and sourcing those parts is a real challenge. At Arwin Window Systems, our team can help you bring the original form and function back to your building - even if the manufacturer has gone out of business!

Whether you are looking for balances, latches, wheels or rollers, sash locks and more, our parts department is here to help. We also specialize in obsolete products such as Acorn building products, Season-All products and Winstrom Windows.

Contact us today, and we’ll find the hard to find!

Our Service Relationships

Few window and door companies are committed to the ongoing repair and service of the products you sell. We feel that’s a competitive difference at Arwin Window Systems. One that has allowed us to enjoy ongoing service relationships with large Wisconsin properties such as:
  • Oakbrook Corp -Yankee Hill Appartments, Coventry Appartments
  • Reilly- Joseph Co - Hunters Ridge, Hawthorne Terrace
  • Carnahan Corp – West Grand, Brewers Point, Congress
  • Metropolitan Associates – Southgate, Morgan Grove, Washington Square
  • The Mandel Group - Norhardt Crossing, Trostel Square, River Quest Condos
  • SCI Real Estate – Serafino Square, Amerisuites Airport, Amerisuites West
  • Hunt Management - Harborfront/Hansen’s Landing Condo’s, Sunset Meadows
  • Marquette University
  • Colby –Abbot, Railway
  • Phoenix Building
  • Milwaukee Hilton Hotel
  • Berg Management
  • St. Francis Seminary